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From: Guy Thompson : MS Patient, and Lawyer and Businessman

London, U.K

Dear Friend

Pay attention, as I am about to reveal some of the secrets I have used that have meant I can dominate my MS symptoms, and lead a happy and successful life. A picture of the author, Guy Thompson

I’m not going to lie to you.

I’m not going to tell you that living with MS is easy, and I’m not going to ramble on about so-called ‘miracle cures’ or the latest ‘wonder treatment’.

But what I promise to give you is the complete TRUTH!

Read on, and I will show you that from the times I was losing the use of my arms and legs, and was even partially blind, I have tuned my life around so I haven't had a MS attack in over 15 years. Multiple Sclerosis symptoms don’t need to be scary.

I understand that as you read this, you may be struggling to come to terms with some of the hardest news you’ve ever received.

What would you say if I told you that with the right information you could manage and reverse the symptoms of MS? Would you be interested in finding out what I know? Of course you would.



You've Probably Got a  Million Different Questions Buzzing Around In Your Head,  Like ...

What will happen to me (or my friend) if MS has been diagnosed?
What are these symptoms of MS? Are mine typical? What else can happen? 
What are the causes of MS? Why me?
What treatments for MS are available? Will I need daily injections?
What about alternative medicines and special diets?

I know this because when I received my own devastating diagnosis, I had the exact same questions.

“I hate diagnosing this” said my GP

To be honest, I wasn’t very surprised when I was first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in October 1988 (on the unlucky 13th of the month).

Although the news was bad, I didn’t feel all that shocked by it because no one knows how your own body feels as well as you do yourself. Some unusual signs had been building up for some time. In 1982 I had completely lost the use of my right hand (I am right handed), in 1985 I had "pins and needles" in both legs, and I then I totally loss my right side vision for a month. Although the medics had said I worried too much, I’d feared something could be wrong for several years.

Even so, when I received the diagnosis I was completely ignorant about what to expect.

Nevertheless, I was ready to fight the disease that had invaded my body – I’d been in a great new job for only 6 months and my first child was expected soon - but I just didn’t know what was going to happen next.

The doctor who warned me I might have MS never mentioned the disease by name again.

He told me if I did have “the disease we hope you don’t have”, I could expect a treatment would be found within 5 years. He said most people with “the disease we hope you don’t have” could anticipate a normal life expectancy, and probably would  not meed a wheelchair, which was reassuring (but not particularly inspiring!)

Otherwise, I was told there was no way of knowing how my MS would evolve and I had to hope for the best.

Fortunately, since diagnosis, MS has not affected my life greatly. I am a commercial lawyer, specializing in the law around software and information in the financial markets (I was Dow Jones Telerate’s European lawyer for over 10 years).

As for how MS has affected my life, I can’t ride a bicycle any more, and my handwriting is still a problem, but otherwise there isn’t much I can’t do if I want to.

Now, over 20 years later, it feels like there’s almost too much information available!

There are literally thousands of books, web sites, handouts, and we regularly read newspaper reports with rumors of so-called ‘miracle cures’ and ‘wonder treatments’.

I understand that you may be scared of this mystery disease that has somehow infiltrated your body.

Or maybe what’s more worrying for you is the affect it could have on your family. How will they cope with their feelings of shock, fear, despair, and (possibly) relief now they finally know what is wrong with you?

And what about relationships? 

What about us? Will this affect our marriage? 
How will this affect our life together?   
Will my brother, sister, father, mother, son, daughter be at risk of getting MS too?
Can we cope – and if so, HOW ?

Well, I can tell you that myself and my family have been coping fine for over 20 years, since that dreadful day when I first got the diagnosis and saw the scans showing scars all over my brain (that WAS scary).

But since then I’ve learned pretty much all there is to know about MS, and I can now give you a unique insight into what life is like after diagnosis... including some *insider secrets* even the doctors don’t know about, simply because they haven’t LIVED with it themselves!

So I’ve documented every essential piece of information I’ve discovered about what works (and what doesn’t) in my new report written for people newly diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and their families and friends:

"Understanding Multiple Sclerosis: A Quick Start Guide"

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll reveal to you some of the best information I’ve researched, as well as the very best tactics and secrets that have been keeping me fit and well for the last 20 years!


  • The 9 most common symptoms of MS (p.13)
  • The foods you MUST avoid and why (p.38)
  • 3 *quick steps* to take full control of your condition (p.41)
  • Why you should completely ignore 99% of the literature out there! (p.10)
  • The 3 main types of MS and the difference between them (p.25)
  • How to prepare yourself for tests and what to expect from your doctors (p.16)
  • Why what some doctors say is completely UNTRUE! (p.11)
  • The special triggers to look out for that signal an MS attack (p.24)
  • The secrets to building a strong mind set so you can begin to move forward with your life (p.49)

And you’ll discover loads more, like:

  • The complete guide to MS treatments – the research currently being done, the drugs currently being developed, and which you should consider
  • The dietary guidelines I’ve lived by that have gradually reversed the effects of my MS
  • 36 Invaluable resources including books, web sites, and help lines
  • How to successfully combine a medical approach with alternative self-help principles
  • ...And of course you’ll get an in-depth and unique insight into my 20 year journey living with MS

    Here’s what one doctor has said about "Understanding Multiple Sclerosis: A Quick Start Guide"

    "Guy has put into e-book format the perfect answer to all of those questions raised in the hearts of patients – the questions they remember to ask, the questions they forget to ask, and the questions they choose not to ask for fear of embarrassment or looking stupid.

    I see thousands of patients every year, make many hundreds of diagnoses, but one of the diagnoses I really don’t like having to make is that of multiple sclerosis (MS).

    I particularly liked the fact that he explains with such candor both the patient and the doctor's point of view, and why we doctors are reluctant to make the diagnosis in a hurry. He shows the point of view of the family - both their concerns and their wish to find ways to help.

    Best of all, Guy brings strategies to cope with the diagnosis and the illness, how to create a step by step action plan and feel less powerless about all that is going on around you, how to maximize your own self-help approach.

    This is an invaluable resource for patients and family alike.”

    Dr Alison Grimston

    Perhaps the greatest benefit of reading this report is that you’ll understand it’s absolutely possible for you to get the symptoms of MS under control.

    I have refused to allow MS to control my life. In fact, since my first symptoms of MS appeared I’m proud to tell you I have:

  • Qualified as a lawyer and worked for several multinational news and software businesses
  • Published an academic history book via Oxford University Press, and
  • Launched a successful new series of guides to making money on the Internet (Internet marketing is a brilliant business option for people with MS because they can work when, where, and how they want!)

This No-Nonsense Report Gives You All The Facts – In Plain English!

(None of that medical mumbo-jumbo that makes no sense to you and me!)

I’ve made this information as accessible as possible in digital format (your PC almost certainly has a suitable reader, if not you can easily get one free) – and you can get started immediately!

It’s taken me the best part of 20 years to research and create this complete report to living with MS, and now for the first time ever you can get *instant access* to all this valuable information.

In "Understanding Multiple Sclerosis: A Quick Start Guide” I reveal the tried-and-tested drugs, diets and alternative remedies that are working for me - and for thousands of people all over the world! These proven tips and tricks can work for you too, or for someone you love.

So, by now, you probably want to know how much it’s going to cost to get your hands on this life-changing information!

Well, I thought long and hard about how much I should charge for “Understanding Multiple Sclerosis: A Quick Start Guide".

I suppose when you stop and think about the years of research that have gone into it, and the HUGE difference it could make to your life (or to the life of a loved one) I seriously think it’s worth at least $197.

In “Understanding Multiple Sclerosis: A Quick Start Guide" I give you the answers I have learned over the last 20 years from my own experience, from talking to doctors and other medical experts, other patients and their friends and families to help you NOW.

Here’s what just a few of my readers have said:

"I am a qualified nurse and life coach and have cared for individuals with MS, as well as many other patients with chronic illnesses. This book is an excellent guide to some of the issues faced by this variable and poorly-understood condition. There are some interesting studies and facts quoted and a lot of ideas, traditional and complementary, to help you cope with your diagnosis.

I love the pictures and the layout and found it colorful and interesting with excellent 3-D diagrams of the nerves and medical equipment such as the MRI scanner. This gives clear and understandable visual pictures for those who are unfamiliar with human anatomy, or the equipment inside a hospital.

This book would be useful for anyone who is newly diagnosed with MS, people who want to explore more holistic methods of treatment, and health professionals who want a clear understanding of what MS is and some of the ways it can be treated."

Claire Westwood


"Well done for creating a book that is comprehensive but easy to read.  A good friend of mine was diagnosed with MS years ago, and finally died with it 25 years later. I wish she had been able to read your book, and try some of the things you suggest. I would have read your book if it had been available at the time, and I think her friends and family would have done so too.”

Jane P Lewis


“I read your book and thought it was very succinct and easily accessible - something much needed for the newly diagnosed and their family and friends."

Sandy Semple

Guy, I'm convinced...But How Much For All This CONTENT?

Look, I must point out that this report is absolutely packed full of value.

We're NOT talking about an eBook containing second hand information filled with fluff. As they say, "knowledge is power" and this brand new report is jam packed full of information that will give you all the knowledge you need to start controlling your MS today.

Let's be honest. When you consider what you would have to pay to buy all the information in "Understanding Multiple Sclerosis: A Quick Start Guide"  if it was even available) it's easy to see I could easily charge $97, $197 or more.

I like to give back as much as I can and I'm certainly not going to stop now. Yes, people might think I've gone a bit mad, but I want to make “Understanding Multiple Sclerosis: A Quick Start Guide" affordable to all my fellow MS patients, their families and friends.

Which is why if you download now you certainly won't be paying $197 for all of this valuable content. Heck, you won't even be paying $97.

In fact, if you ACT NOW you can grab this essential report for a one time investment of just $27. Yes, you read that right - Only $27!

And All The Risk Is On Me Too!

Of course, I understand that even though I’ve faced the same challenges and difficulties as you, and we have a lot in common - you don’t actually know me personally!

So, to put your mind at rest, I’m offering you two special guarantees, so you can feel comfortable placing your order with ZERO RISK:

ZERO RISK Guarantee #1:

“Understanding Multiple Sclerosis: A Quick Start Guide" shows MS is personal to each individual. While I certainly hope you will find everything you need in the pages of the book if you are not satisfied - for any reason at all - then simply write to me within 30 days at Guy@MultipleSclerosisGuide.com for a FULL REFUND- NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

ZERO RISK Guarantee #2:

As MS patients, we learn from each other. If you’d like to add to the content in this book, please let me know. If I agree that it will help others, then I'll include your suggestion in the next edition of "Understanding Multiple Sclerosis: A Quick Start Guide", and will send you a copy of the new edition COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE!

To bring you this vital information as quickly and effortlessly as possible, I’ve done all the research for you. You don’t have to search through the 27,000,000 results on Google for “Multiple Sclerosis” and you certainly don’t have to live with MS for years, as I did, to learn this information.

I have done the work for you!

I have lived with MS for over 20 years, and learned from my doctors and many amazing motivational speakers and teachers. They put all my own troubles into perspective and inspired me to overcome the obstacles presented by this disease.

This book could literally change you life and the lives of people you love!

The good news is that until I see sense and start charging a realistic price buy this guide for just $27.00. Yes, just $27.00!

It really is a small price to pay to put all those distortions and fears into perspective at this very confusing time. 

Dissolve these fears, and discover peace of mind TODAY! Just think about it this way:

For just one low price you can get all my knowledge of MS built up over 20 years. 

Don’t delay - order NOW
You’ll receive your report in just a few minutes!

Apply these new strategies today!

With my very best wishes,

Guy Thompson

P.S. If you don’t think the information you get is worth every single penny you paid for it, just let me know within 30 days and I’ll give you a full and courteous refund – no questions asked - so you really do have nothing to lose and everything to gain by placing your order now!

Note The statements in my e-book are the result of my personal experience and research, but have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. If a product or treatment is suggested in these pages, it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This information is provided for educational purposes only, and should never be substituted for the medical advice from your own doctor or other health care professional.

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